Meet the Team

Brandon Dukeman, Director of Acquisitions


Brandon has devoted his time to building a portfolio of multifamily housing units and bringing value to our investors through the development of our own syndication team. Brandon specializes in sourcing both on-market and off-market opportunities, initial analysis, and building relationships with the multifamily broker and seller community. Brandon is constantly seeking out networking opportunities to provide investors and sponsors more access to qualified deals.

Stuart Dukeman, Director of Capital Development/Partnerships


Combining 30 years in business, growing and running a $30MM+, multi-unit franchise, Stuart began his real estate investing in 2005 in the world of single family homes and small commercial properties. Understanding that cash flow is king, multifamily properties that offer consistent cash flow and upside has become Stuart's primary real estate interest. Stuart works with investors to introduce and offer passive investment opportunities that yield high, consistent returns. He also works to develop our strategic partnerships with vetted organizations that bring additional investment  opportunities beyond those sourced by Blue Line. 

Michael Blank, Advisory Board Member


Michael Blank, an expert real estate investor who serves on our advisory board. He has personally raised $2.6M for 35 residential and multifamily projects valued at over $10M. He continues to actively invest in apartment communities in multiple states throughout the East Coast and Mid West. Michael’s asset management partners control over $58 million in performing multifamily assets all over the United States.  His expertise in all facets of multifamily investing gives us, and our investing partners, confidence that all of our acquisitions are carefully evaluated so that we achieve consistent returns for our investors. 

Kristine Jefferson, Advisory Board Member



Kristine Jefferson, Managing Member, Mission Bay Capital Partners, is a full time apartment investor. While residing in Virginia, she invests throughout the United States. Kristine got her start in residential investing in 2008 and now specializes in multifamily acquisitions and syndication. She is currently invested in 360 units and focuses on the capital raising arm of Mission Bay Capital Partners. 

Daniel Woodford, Advisory Board Member



Co-Founder and Principal of Mission Bay Capital Partners, LLC (MBCP). Daniel Woodford is a seasoned multifamily investor, entrepreneur and co-founder of Mission Bay Capital Partners, a real estate investment organization that invests in Multi-family real estate throughout the United States. Daniel started his real estate career in 2009 and has extensive experience in property valuation, acquisitions and operations. Daniel is currently invested in 850 units and is known throughout the investment community for providing exceptional value to investors. Prior to his real estate career, Daniel retired as a 20-year veteran in the U.S Air Force. Daniel holds a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development from George Mason University 

Our Syndication Partners