Learn our process for passive investments


Let's Get to Know Each Other

Before even considering passive investments in multifamily real estate, we want to make sure you have the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision. We take the time to understand more about you and your investment goals. This can be done in person or by telephone. You can schedule a telephone appointment here.

Establish a Time to Review a Sample Property Package

After our initial introduction meeting or call, we will establish an in person or online meeting to go over a sample property package. This allows you to further educate yourself on the types of properties and groups that we partner with to present these opportunities. It also allows us to get know each other better and decide if we make a good fit to move forward.

Opportunity Arises

Once we have established a relationship with you and both parties are comfortable moving forward, we'll stay in touch with you through regular email, phone, and newsletter contact. Next, we'll notify you when we, or one of our acquisition partners, have a property that represents an investment opportunity that meets your investment criteria. There is no set time frame that we follow. We are working constantly to evaluate deals and negotiate acquisitions that meet strict guidelines. Once a deal moves toward contract, we'll reach out to our pool of investors that match the investment type.

Commitment Time

You will be kept informed of the timeline for commitments to the deal. Since funding commitments can make or break a deal from moving forward, time frame to make a decision usually ranges from 2-4 weeks but can be shorter or longer, depending on the deal, but you will never be pressured to invest in anything. If you express interest in moving forward, you will be provided access to the investment documents which will include specific information about the property, the business plan, proforma returns, a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and Operating Agreement for your review. These documents are typically handled electronically through an investor portal.

Funds Transfer

If you have thoroughly reviewed the information provided, had all of your questions answered, and made the decision to invest, it's time to transfer your committed funds. The information you already received would have identified when the funds are due as well as instructions to remit funds to the escrow account established for the property.

Over-Subscribed Offerings

While we do our best to make sure that our investors have the opportunity to invest in the deals that we present, things move fast. We determine, in advance, the order in which funding commitments are accepted but unfortunately, once fund commitments are received that satisfy the total amount being raised, your commitment may be rejected. If this happens to you, we'll do our best to source another, similar deal for you to invest.