We Buy Apartments - You Benefit

Identify & Analyze


We work to identify and analyze potential multi-family real estate opportunities utilizing strict, conservative, criteria. We focus on emerging markets with positive population and job growth and other indicators. We also work with other experienced, trusted, operators to provide opportunities for our investors.



We negotiate with sellers and lenders to acquire properties meeting our criteria, that allow us to achieve the highest possible returns for our investors. We perform exhausting due diligence to uncover and address any concerns prior to purchase. It is also common for us to partner with other operators to assist in the acquisition of larger properties.

Reposition & Stabilize


With our professional, third party, property management partners, we implement our business plan for each property. This often includes capital improvements, re-branding of the property, and expense reductions to achieve the highest net operating income. This dramatically increases the overall value of the property and is referred to as Forced Appreciation.



Once a property is stabilized and cash flowing at projected levels, we seek opportunities to refinance the property, returning a significant portion of equity to investors, while allowing them to maintain their equity ownership.

Cash Flow


Every property we acquire is done so for the purposes of creating solid, reliable cash flow for our investors. A well positioned, stabilized property can withstand all economic cycles and create long lasting value for investors with significant tax advantages.



Provided market conditions are optimal for a sale, we market the property, after the hold period, to take advantage of the increased value created through the stabilization process. We then repeat the process, over and over again.